Food is an integral part of the Camp Seneca Lake experience, keeping us healthy and energized for our full camp day. Our carefully prepared menus are “kid-friendly” and varied. There is always something healthy and delicious to eat.

Our kitchen provides delicious, kid-friendly meals and snacks using Kosher ingredients. Dairy, meat, and parve dishes are prepared separately in accordance with Kashrut standards and our kitchen staff is trained in kosher cooking. Camp Seneca Lake’s kitchen is not supervised by a Mashgiach.

In addition to a hot entrée such as eggs, waffles, breakfast burritos, or bagels, every breakfast includes a multitude of options including yogurt, oatmeal, cereal and fresh fruit.

During lunch and dinner, we provide a full salad bar with tons of options that gives choices to campers. Salad bar options always include greens, toppings and 2-3 proteins such as tuna, egg salad, or garbanzo beans.

CSL is sensitive to allergies and we do our best to accommodate all allergies of our campers. We are a nut free facility. During each meat meal there is a protein-based vegetarian option for our campers and staff who subscribe to a plant-based diet. Gluten free meals and desserts are also prepared when needed for those campers who have gluten allergies. We also offer a snack table where campers can get peaches, plums, apples and bananas throughout the day.

Camp Seneca Lake proudly partners with WOLFoods for food service. Our mission, in partnership with WOLFoods, is to deliver excellent, healthy and delicious meals prepared by expert chefs and classically trained professionals certified in nutrition and sanitation. WOLFoods utilizes professionally trained chefs to produce our high quality, kid-friendly cuisine.


Our Health Center is staffed 24 hours a day by our resident health care professionals. We have a registered nurse (or higher) at camp at all times throughout the entire summer. Our medical facility includes an examination room, office, recovery rooms, and living quarters for our medical staff.

All medications (with the exception of asthmatic inhalers and EPI-pens) are kept in the Health Center and distributed by our nurse during med call.  Medications are distributed from our nurse’s station at the dining hall before breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime.

View our Immunization Policy.