The Staff-in-Training (SIT) program is a thoughtfully designed three-week leadership program for rising 11th & 12th graders, designed to train camp’s future staff. SITs are CSLs oldest campers who are ready to take on new challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities at camp. SITs will become leaders and Jewish role models through youth mentorship, initiative, and self-direction. Program participants will obtain supervised experience caring for youth, planning camp programs, building a resume for the future, and much more. 

SITs will have both additional responsibilities and additional privileges throughout their time in the program. Additional responsibilities may include but are not limited to mitzvah (service) projects, assisting staff in leading program areas, planning and leading evening programs, and working on logistical/operational initiatives. SITs will have the privilege of living with their peers, having their cell phones, leaving camp for supervised time off, and more! This unique opportunity provides young adults with the chance to develop their personal leadership style, practice good communication, enhanced problem solving and critical thinking skills, and gain valuable lifelong professional skills that will help them succeed at CSL, in school, and in any workplace.

Important information about the SIT Program: 

SITs are campers in the CSL program and there is a cost for participating.

SITs are eligible to receive up to 100 hours of community service. Those who participate in Session 1 and Session 2 are eligible to receive up to 200 hours of community service.

SITs who successfully complete the program and are referred by the SIT director will be given first priority for applying to be staff in future summers.

A SIT application and interview may be required for acceptance into this program. 

For more information about the SIT Program, please contact the
CSL Team at 
[email protected] or at 315-536-9981